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Dr. Molldrem co-authors paper about Long COVID in Galveston County

Mar 2, 2023, 15:01 PM by Beverly Claussen

UTMB Bioethics and Health Humanities Assistant Professor Dr. Stephen Molldrem is second author of a recently-published paper about Long COVID in Galveston County in the journal Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Molldrem contributed qualitative analysis of results from an open-ended field at the end of a survey of 655 Galveston County residents who had previously experienced COVID infection. The paper is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Dr. Molldrem and the paper’s first author, Dr. Michael Goodman (UTMB, Infectious Disease). The full citation is: Goodman, Michael L., Stephen Molldrem, Aleisha Elliott, David Robertson, and Philip Keiser. 2023. ‘Long COVID and Mental Health Correlates: A New Chronic Condition Fits Existing Patterns’. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine 11 (1): 2164498.