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Eighth Annual Reproductive Ethics Conference
January 11-12, 2024
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Etiologies of Acute Undifferentiated Fevers in Displaced Populations

, 2023 - -

The Institutional Ethics Program and the Institute for Translational Sciences Research Ethics Consultation Service present "Etiologies of Acute Undifferentiated Fevers in Displaced Populations: Challenges of One Health Studies with Highly Vulnerable Participants"


BHH celebrate graduates Nathalie Egalité and Ryan Hart

May 24, 2023, 08:00 AM by Beverly Claussen

Faculty celebrated our latest graduates last week, Dr. Nathalie Egalité and Dr. Ryan Hart both of whom are taking up excellent opportunities post-PhD. 

Left to right: Dr. Arlene MacDonald, Dr. Ryan Hart (graduate), Dr. Michele Carter (back), Dr. Anne Jones (front), Dr. Nathalie Egalité (graduate), Dr. Bryanna Moore and Dr. Jacob Moses.